You can read about Freemasonry on these pages. However, there is no better way to understand what Freemasonry has to offer than by listening to the stories of Freemasons themselves, and talking about their own Masonic journey.

Every member will be able to tell you about his recent Masonic experiences.  Different individuals take enjoyment from the various components that have appealed to them. It is easiest to break them down into three main ones:

  • Social
  • Charitable
  • Personal Development


The social side of Freemasonry is undoubtedly enjoyed by all, including our families. As a member of a Masonic lodge, a freemason enjoys the sense of trust and benefits of a special network of friends. He is able to develop social skills and self-confidence in a group of like-minded individuals which transcends the traditional demarcations of social status and wealth generally found in society. A sense of fun and enjoyment benefits all members of Freemasonry. Each Lodge will have its own social calendar suited to its particular profile. Some Lodges hold formal, Silver Service dinners after Lodge, others are content with ‘pie and chips’ served by the Lodge Stewards. Some Lodges hold formal Ladies evenings, others simpler social evenings, dinner dances or themed nights. Many Lodges arrange regular evenings or afternoons out for the brethren and their families: curry nights, weekends away, organised trips.

Many brethren get together outside the Lodge, for example golfing, bowls or other sports. Each Lodge may have a small social committee comprising two or three members and their partners who do the planning and arranging. One of the great joys of Freemasonry is visiting other Lodges and partaking of their particular traditions and hospitality. This widens your social network and new friends are easily made. In fact, many Freemasons who travel the country or abroad with work will often find a Lodge to visit wherever that may be. The Province, Area or District sometimes arranges large functions to bring people together.


Online Application


Before completing this form please consider that:

  • Freemasonry demands that you believe in a ‘Supreme Being’
  • Your wife or partner should be happy that you wish to join
  • There are costs associated with membership (subscriptions, dining costs and so on which we can discuss with you)
  • Freemasonry involves you being committed and this includes giving up your time to attend Lodge, social and other meetings

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